Step 1 - Enter the name of our NGO, - " Bruce Peru ", into the Google search box and . See the result.

Step 2 - Enter the search phrases which pertain to the mission and work of our NGO and see the results Google sends back:

Our seaerch phrases:
educate street kids
pregnang adolescent abandoned
poverty eradication peru
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NGO Ratings
There are more than 12 million Non Governmental Organisations currently active in the world. [UN/Wikipedia]. Of these roughly 7 million are ersatz NGOs, that is to say were formed for purposes other than what is written in their mission statements: they were actually formed to hide taxable wealth, conduct fundraising for their promoters etc. Of the remaining NGOs, 4 million exist to satisfy the social conscience of their founders, funders and operators - while commendable, they do not make a contribution to the world's major social needs proportionate to the effort and funds they absorb. That leaves 1 million serious NGO's to do all the heavy lifting. Of these, 40 thousand are viewed as respectable international NGOs, each with a recognisable mission that is addressing at least one of the earth's more serious social needs [Climate, demographic pressure, flora, fauna, etc.].
The system we use to rate the 40 thousand recognised international NGOs is based on algorithms which rank pertinent data stored on computers belonging the world's largest information entity - GOOGLE - this data is being constantly updated. Ask Google appropriate questions, and in return Google presents the best available ratings, while generating a higherarchy of pertinent documentation on the serious NGOs which are addressing the global social problems in most urgent need of resolution. Here is how to make this rating system work:

Step 1 - Enter the NGO's Official Name in the Google search box. [For the purpose of this exercise we will use "Doctors Without Borders" - one of our favorite NGOs - as an example]. Enter this name and hit the "Search" button. Google will return something like this:
Any of the serious NGOs will receive a listing like this in the Google search returns page. If the NGO you are searching for does not receive a return like this it is not considered to be a major player in its field(s) of endeavour.
Step 2 - Now type into the search box key phrases from the first line of text (one at a time) and hit search. This will rate Doctors Without Borders against other NGOs doing similar work. HOW? Simple: the Google search returns will be a list of web pages, the first one to appear will be the highest ranked (according to Google data pertinent to what the NGO does, and how others on the web value its relevance compared with its peers). To be even more scientific, take the first 50 returns and see what percent of the pages returned pertain to Doctors Without Borders, and how many pertained to its nearest peer. Even if an NGO does not appear first, if the overwhelming percent of returns are for its pages, it is the most important NGO in its field. Example: from our knowledge of what the NGO purports to do let us enter: "french medical charity"
Note: If the particular NGO you are trying to get Google to rate for you has not yet appeared, try this: refine your search - limit it to a particular activity or geographic region. Here is an example. We are looking for "Volunteers Without Borders" - Google is sending back lots of returns because there is no dominant NGO in this space. The particular 'Volunteers without Borders' we are looking for is located in the UK, so we give Google the search thread: " volunteers without borders uk ". Google gives it to us and we can see from the returns how this NGO compares to its UK peers.